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At the heart of Golden State Minority Foundation were its programs that support the education of low-income and minority students. California’s public schools have made advances in raising the overall number of classes taught by highly qualified teachers, but still lag in the number of experienced teachers working in high-poverty schools. A national panel recently noted, “Too many of our disadvantaged and minority children are taught by less experienced, less qualified teachers than their more advantaged peers.

GSMF was at the forefront of the movement to cultivate the art of teaching. Through our Educational Enrichment Support Project (EESP) we revitalized teachers and raised student achievement at ten Los Angeles-area public schools.

We are encouraged by the caliber of classroom instructional resources EESP has been able to provide to teachers and students. As a result of creative and effective teaching, we are seeing a positive impact on student academic performance in our core focus areas of language arts, math, and science. In addition, we continue to support minority students in the fiercely competitive university environment by providing merit-based scholarships through our College Program (CP).  Thank you for being in the vanguard of the effort that is financing our drive to help disadvantaged students succeed.